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About Us

What are you building

We’re building an account abstraction infrastructure for the rapidly growing blockchain gaming market. Through our SDK, developers can create programmable wallets to empower users and own the full experience.

Using our SDK, create accounts on behalf of your users without disrupting their experience or compromising on asset custody and developer experience.

How are you doing this

Our solution is based on account abstraction (with EIP-4337) and we support all EVM compatible chains. Because these accounts can be programmed, we can offer a better way.

Why haven’t others done this?

Custodial accounts have been the norm when developers add blockchain to their games. So far, it has been the only consistent way for developers to offer a good UX. We believe keeping accounts non-custodial is key to a healthy industry.

Most solutions are EOA based, including the ones that are developer first. Because of their underlying technology, they are highly limiting.

The alternative, smart contract wallets (SCW), have been tried before (e.g. Argent), but they face mainly two challenges:

  1. User acquisition is extremely hard. Only users interacting with applications/games directly will notice the benefits of SCW vs EOAs.
  2. Smart contract Wallets are more expensive to use and aren’t trustless and censorship resistant.

These annoyances make it easy for users to stay with EOA based accounts, and most people do.

So what are you doing differently?

There are three main points:

  1. We are developer first. We believe that the best way for users to get into blockchain is to choose when they decide to care about their assets. Developers need to be able to craft delightful experiences that don’t get in the way without compromising on custody.
  2. We are gaming first. We are focused around an industry that already moves millions of dollars worth of digital assets where developers are risk takes and want to explore new innovative ways to monetize the experiences they create.
  3. Based on the EIP-4337. We leverage this new improvement proposal to finally offer a SCW that delivers on the promise of a good UX with the extensibility of programmable accounts.