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About Us

What are you building?

Openfort is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the blockchain gaming industry, allowing projects of all sizes to onboard and monetize their users and assets onchain.

“Openfort is on a mission to increase the GDP of games by enabling their infrastructure and users to unlock ownership and economic potential”.

How are you doing this?

We’re blending the fascinating world of blockchain with the powerful resources of the cloud and servers to offer a backend solution for game studios and gamified projects.

Our core product today is smart accounts, which are programmable wallets that give developers further flexibility and performance to build the future of gaming.

So what are you doing differently?

The world of blockchain is highly competitive, active and fascinating. However, people are building products whose audience was once attracted by speculation and scams. We believe in the technology as a way to level up the gaming industry and what it can represent for players.

  1. We are developers first. Developers need to be able to craft delightful experiences that don’t get in the way without compromising custody.
  2. We are gaming first. We are focused on an industry that already moves hundreds millions of dollars worth of digital assets and needs new solutions.
  3. Based on blockchain, public goods. We leverage improvement proposals and technology that scale what developers and gamers can do with digital assets and entertainment.

Who is in the founding team?

We're a team of second-time founders, building on our experiences.

We love building and are curious with our time: